N.M. Leepsa & Pradyot Keshari Pradhan
The Utkal Business Review, 21, pp. 129-143
Publication year: 2008

The hallmark of success, growth, and development of any industrialized and advanced country of the world like America, Japan, South Korea, Britain, France, Germany and Australia is Entrepreneurship. But the question arises how one can define success, growth, and development. Is success defined in terms of material prosperity? Is growth means an increase in GDP in some mathematical figures? Is development means a creation of something new to improve living standards? If the answer to all these questions is yes then another question needs to be answered: how long can human enjoy these benefits, if they don’t remain to enjoy the benefits?  Entrepreneurship is the gateway to more and more industries which means more and more pollution and more and more depletion of ozone layer and global warming and then melting down of ice and increase in water level and finally the last destination of the destroyed earth.

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