Pradyot Keshari Pradhan
The Utkal Business Review, 27 (1), pp. 21-40.
Publication year: 2014


Today consumers are more informed and alert about the products and services available at the marketplace. With the globalization, the expectation level of consumers has increased compared to earlier years. Today the consumers are ready to spend money, but with the satisfaction for what they brought. So, there is challenge and competition among business houses to continuously strive for better products and services to the customer, maintain old customers and create new customers. But in this fiercely competitive world, it becomes difficult to even to stay in the same place by winning the customers. This can be done by satisfying these customers, by avoiding cognitive dissonance among the customers, by comparing demerits of products that are purchased and merits of the products not purchased. Thus, companies collaborate and combine through different growth strategies to achieve faster growth and strategic advantage. One of the growth strategies is the strategic alliance which is popular in these days in the corporate world. This paper is an attempt to look into the various growth stories through the strategic alliance by Indian companies. This paper is to look into the various forms of strategic alliances adopted by companies, the motives behind such alliances and looking into various cases of strategic alliances from various sectors.

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